I am so excited to share my story with you

I am on my own journey to reconnect with my authentic self and want to help you do the same.

Where it all began...

In the aftermath a long-term relationship ending, whilst in a world of pain I’d never before experienced, and on the verge of burnout, it dawned on me that some deep questioning and exploration of my inner self was necessary in order to heal. I kept asking why again, why me, why doesn’t it ever last, will it ever be my turn for happiness, when a light bulb moment happened.

A moment of realisation

I couldn’t blame the universe and I couldn’t lay all the blame at his door. After all, in every relationship that went sour I was the common denominator. I had to take a long hard look at how I showed up in relationships. I had to get uncomfortable with taking ownership of my own shit, in other words the baggage I kept taking with me from one relationship to the next. I wanted to understand my behaviours and patterns so the past wouldn’t keep repeating itself. I had to get to know myself and be honest about the insecurities that plagued me in all aspects of life, not just romantic relationships. 

I had to find a way forward to true happiness and embark on a process called self-realisation and growth.

The process

I wanted to reconnect with who I truly am so that I had a firm foundation on which to build the next chapter. The process isn’t linear nor does it happen overnight, without further tears and uncomfortable truths. But while doing the inner work, I began to grow by learning and understanding myself more and more at the core. I had to keep doing the work  and delve deeper through another process called consciousness. I was embarking on a lifelong journey of continuous growth. I was starting to feel and see progress towards self-acceptance and the early beginnings of freedom from the labels and expectations society has for us. I no longer want to live a life based on fear, lack, scarcity and unworthiness, always seeking external validation.

It doesn't stop with me

As I navigated the early stages of this spiritual journey, it became clear that this was also about something bigger than just me; this was my purpose unfolding. We all deserve to reconnect to our authentic self, to achieve self-acceptance and live abundantly, free from social expectations and fear. So, drawing on my own experience, I have created a community to inspire and empower others to connect to their true self and enter a state of authentic power so they too can lead a life of joy and inner peace. I call it THE AUTHENTICITY PROJECT.

Authentic living

Get to know me better

I’m Sarah, 42 years old and finally discovering what really matters in life, and working consistently, each day, to peel back the layers, understand myself better and be fearlessly authentic in how I live.

Aside from being super passionate about empowering others to find their own freedom and joy in living authentically, I love:

   – being an auntie

   – powerlifting and weightlifting

   – yoga and meditation

   – playing netball

   – immersing myself in nature

   – dogs (I once had six)

   – clay shooting

   – listening to podcasts

   – reading fiction and non-fiction

   – writing as a form of expression

   – hanging out with my best friends

   – dancing 

   – listening to music and singing my head-off when no one is around

   – watching RuPaul’s Drag Race