Be You

Be True

Be Free

This is your space to flourish and achieve lasting transformation that will unleash your authentic power.

What is the Authenticity Project?

The Authenticity Project’s mission is to create a space for people to awaken and reconnect with their authentic self, and find freedom in being true to themselves. 


It is a community that will empower and support you in building the authentic life you want and deserve. It is a place to celebrate self-development, self-love, personal transformation and wellbeing, and to share your experiences with a tribe of like-minded, amazing people who are committed to their own and each other’s ongoing growth and happiness.

You belong, just as you are

The process of reconnecting to our true self is not always easy – it takes time. Stripping back the layers and getting to know who we are at our core is a deeply personal experience, an ongoing project, but you do not have to walk alone. 


TAP exists as a sanctuary to encourage and support anyone wishing to understand themselves better and embark on a path to personal transformation and spiritual growth. It is not about telling you how to live a better or more authentic life. It’s about inspiring each other, generating positive conversation, giving voice to experiences, sharing ideas and powerfully supporting one another. There is no judgement here, only compassion, empowerment, empathy, inclusivity and integrity.

It's time to stop living an idea of who you are.
Step into your authentic power and live the truth of who you truly are.


The Authenticity Project is a place where you can belong and be empowered to discover and fully embrace your true self. It is a place to learn more about who you are underneath the societal masks, to break free from conditioned patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs, to be inspired, to grow, and to live a more joyful life.

To risk being seen is the toughest thing in the world, and the risk lies in showing others your true authentic self. The biggest hurdle is often ourselves and our mindset, which is heavily influenced by the outside world. Fear is what keeps us playing small. Fear of what others may think or say, fear of not complying with society’s expectations, fear of speaking up for ourselves. 


Trust me, there is little to fear and much to gain by shifting your attention from the external and going inward to cultivate a strong connection with yourself. The key to greater freedom, happiness and inner peace is the relationship you have with yourself. It is the foundation to everything else. 

Live your truth

Culture and society teach us that approval, happiness, love and validation can each be found in the external world. As we move from childhood to adulthood, without realising it, we gradually, and unconsciously, give our unique power away. We morph into a false version of ourself that is out of alignment with who we authentically are at the core.


The truth of life is that you only have to be the vision that you have for yourself. You alone have the power to make a transformational shift in how you see and feel about yourself and how you wish to live.  


You are capable of moving beyond the unconscious patterns that have kept you tethered to the past and breaking free from conditioned loyalty to cultural norms and others’ expectations for you. Lasting happiness, freedom, inner peace, joy and self-love are found when you show up as who you are so don’t be afraid of your truth.

Unleash the magic that is you

The Authenticity Project’s mantra is simple:   


                  Be You, Be True, Be Free!


I hope that by sharing the experiences, learnings and tools I have so far uncovered on my own journey that you will be inspired to join the TAP community and begin your own authenticity project. 


Go ahead, TAP into your creativity, your greatness, your inner power, your purpose, your truth… the possibilities are endless!

How TAP can help you

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