My journey to authenticity has led me to rediscover a new joy in putting words and thoughts on paper. Reflective writing about the person I was, and the person I am becoming, has cultivated greater self-awareness and a more compassionate understanding of myself. I hope the honesty of my words will inspire you in your own transformational process.

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Expressive Writing: What It Is And How To Do It

Writing is a powerful tool to explore our inner world, connect with our true selves, and encourage self-growth. It can be extremely helpful when processing many of life’s challenges such as bereavement, divorce, escaping a toxic relationship, or ill health. Let’s delve into the practice of expressive writing in more detail as I explain this writing style and how you can work it into your own self-discovery journey. Whoever you are, you can use expressive writing to help navigate and make sense of your experiences.


Here's Why It's So Important To Speak Your Truth

We all want our feelings and needs to be acknowledged. We all want to know that we are valued and we are recognized for the person we truly are. But to be fully seen and heard, we must be willing to speak up and express our truth.We withhold our truth for fear of being judged. We navigate life feeling anxious, frustrated, and uncertain of how people will respond to how we express ourselves. Choosing to speak your truth takes courage and practice, but the reward is authenticity, empowerment, and freedom.

I'm Learning How To Rewrite My Past As An Empowering Story

When we choose to explore the past, we open ourselves up to the full force of the inner critic. In the moments when we talk to ourselves, there is no compassion or desire to understand past behaviours. You will learn a great deal more when you stop judging your past self and instead reflect to accept, forgive and learn. Remember your past is now just a story. You get to tell it again. This time, as an empowering story that has taught you valuable lessons. The past pushes you forward to become a more authentic you.

This is How You Learn To Trust Love Again

When a relationship ends, the raw emotion is unrelenting, and you question so much about yourself and the relationship. In the coming days, weeks, and months, it is natural to question, “how will I put myself out there again, for the sake of love?” What I later realized, and what I say to you, is in those early weeks and months, do not burden yourself further and expend energy on something that can wait. Instead, focus on the present, be kind to yourself and take the time you need to heal. There is no rush. There is no defined timeline.

Here's How the Language You Use Says Everything About Who You Are

We hear and speak language constantly, yet words are often used without conscious awareness of the potential power they have, on ourselves and others. Our choice of words and the way we use them in spoken and written form is a reflection of who we are and our relationship with the self. It is possible to create a conscious dialogue and to express appreciation, compassion, and encouragement in the words we attach to ourselves and our experiences...

How Fairytale Romance Makes Us Fall In Love With Potential

If, as a little girl, you read stories of princesses and watched Disney movies, you will likely have grown up under the conditioned idea that love and a happily ever after await us. We are led to believe that, when the time is right, our prince or knight in shining armour will seamlessly appear. It is from this romantic, princess view of love that the seeds of expectation for future relationships are first sown. The fairy tale becomes our benchmark...

You Don't Have To Live Up Societal Expectations To Be Happy

Are you creating an intentional life? One that is enriching and true to who you are – your hopes, your passions, your values. Taking responsibility for creating the life you want makes sense and seems almost obvious. Yet the majority of us do not lead our everyday life in this way. What makes us reluctant to determine the route ahead for ourselves and sit firmly in the driving seat, foot to the floor and not stopping to look in the rearview mirror?

How To Break The Cycle Of Dating Flaky Men

Sliding into someone’s DMs has become a normative form of communication, and this low investment approach has hastened a culture in which people and relationships are disposable. Where once it took effort and courage to strike up a conversation with someone who caught your attention, now it requires only a few seconds to send a DM. For the guy with a flaky tendency, it is very easy to seemingly pursue a girl from the hidden safety of texts.

How To Use Pain To Achieve Positive Breakthroughs

“I don’t know who I am anymore. Everything has changed; everything I have known for the past 4 years is gone."This was the pain I felt when my long-term relationship with the first man I ever truly loved came to a sudden end. Gone was the love that once flowed effortlessly between us and a future that promised so much.The ending of the relationship was not my choosing, but how I chose to respond and to move forward was very much in my control...

How To Set Simple Workplace Boundaries And Reclaim Your Working Day

The prospect of setting healthy workplace boundaries can feel intimidating because of hierarchy and structure and a fear of being seen as uncooperative.Yet, professional workplace boundaries actually work to the contrary. Defining boundaries enables you to take control of your time and protect your energy, which ultimately serves to make you more efficient and productive in your work...